New Online Cookery Workshops

Dear friends,

I am going to continue teaching online as well as during one workshop at my house in June.

To book please contact me via this new email

We will then book you in, you will receive an event invitation – please do accept it. Payment information and shopping list and recipe pack will be sent as soon as the classes are fully booked.

  • Zoompling workshops £30 per household (i.e. same laptop)

JUNE 10th – 19:30-21:00 London time
JULY 3rd – 10:30am-12:00am London time

You will need to make a pasta dough and at least one filling in advance. I will provide a ‘how-to’ video for those. Then I will teach how to fold rose dumplings, manti, khinkali, varenyky + a special bonus dumpling if we have time.

  • Shakh Plov + pelustka (fermented cabbage or cauliflower and beetroot) £30

JUNE 24th – 19:30-21:00 London time

You will learn how to make clarified butter
I will teach how to make the fluffiest aromatic plov encased in buttery crispy flatbread (Azerbaijan)
And we will make beautiful pickles – where you will also learn knife skills

  • Ossetian pies filled with beetroot tops or chard and cheese + spicy Koryo Saram carrot pickle/salad £30

I will teach you how to make Ossetian pies – both dough and filling from scratch
You will learn how to make the perfect brown butter/
I will teach knife skills as we make the carrot salad