What I Do

Recipe writing, testing and editing

I am proud to announce that I have been picked as the Observer Rising Star of 2015 in their food category. My debut cookbook (published by Octopus’ Mitchel Beazley) will be out in June 2015.

I am a regular contributor to The Guardian’s Cook section including the  10 Best Recipes in Cook and Get Together. I have also been included in this year’s Guardian Weekend Christmas food feature and have cooked borsch for The Guardian online.

I was also involved in the creation of Salma Hage’s Lebanese Kitchen book (Phaidon) through recipe testing. I also developed 20 recipes for the book’s preserves section.

During my time at The Recipe Kit, I created more than 400 recipes, As the sole member of the food team, I was involved in every element of the process from devising the weekly concepts and researching ideas to writing and testing recipes and creating the recipe cards.

Please try some of my recipes for yourself.

Food Styling

Food styling is my day job and among my recent clients I have The Guardian,Heathrow, Maltesers,McVities, Octopus Publishing, Ebury Publishing, The Heroine Magazine and others.

Please contact Rosana McAphee at Style Department for all styling work enquiries.

Master classes

I am planning to do food styling and Georgian cuisine masterclasses in 2015.More details to be announced in the New Year!


Working 18 hour shifts at Ottolenghi was tough but it provided me with immensely valuable experience. It was a small price to pay for the ability to slice something at top speed and think creatively. I also worked on numerous occasions for location catering company Healthy Yummies, working as their sous chef and taking part in its Food Network show Red, Hot and Yummy.

I also collaborate with Edition Perfumes creating sensory dinners for their press events.

I am now available for menu development, private catering, one-to-one dinner party master classes and pop ups.

10 Comments on “What I Do

  1. Hi Olia
    Here’s a question with NOTHING to do with food!!!
    Just watched you on ‘Saturday Kitchen’ & love your makeup! It’s exactly how I’d like to do mine.
    Could you tell me what you’re using?
    Random question I know!
    Kind regards

    • Kathryn! Sorry about the late reply! I use the Mac liquid eye liner and NARS lip pencil in Luxembourg shade. I hope this helps 🙂 And thank you!X

  2. Hello I live in South Australia and have recently purchased your book. In Australia is seems that there are no other countries other than the Asian countries, Italy and France. There is very little in the way of cookbooks from the Eastern European countries. The internet now has a good range of Ukrainian recipes if you are fluent in the Language. Your book was a great surprise to me and is very well researched and written, with ample photographs to show you what the end product should look like, Well done, I am looking forward to your next book — regards Sophia

  3. I love your book and have made some recipes from it but I am confused by the recipe for Baked Ukranian Cheesecake. I followed the recipe exactly – I even made my own Syr from raw cow’s milk I bought at a farmers’ market – but the cheesecake was very heavy, dense and disappointing. I note there is no raising agent in the recipe – was this a printing error? Please help with the correct recipe as I’d love to try it again.

    • Hello, thank you so much for your comment, and for being so forgiving. There has been a mistake, which has now been corrected. Please try it without any flour at all. It should just be curd cheese, eggs, sugar and semolina. It will be light and lovely. I do apologise for this profusely. I hope you give it another go. And thank you again. Olia

  4. Dear Olia, wanted to say thank you, love your work, it has been the food highlight of my year. Having enjoyed your work in Observer Food Monthly I was there when you were working in the tent during that thunderstorm at Feastival – wow! Your passion and talent shone through (not an easy or predictable setting, with so much noise) and you were extremely kind and generous when speaking with my son (13). That weekend we took your advice & started with the sorrel/duck soup followed by georgian garlicky chicken (accompanied by armenian roast veg, radish/tomato salad, grilled sweetcorn, bread…) it was amazing. One of those ‘how did I live before I knew this’ moments. Love the flavours and simplicity of your recipes.
    I was moved to write tonight because my boy harvested over 200 quince with his grandparents in their Somerset garden this afternoon. I thought of your words in Mamushka ‘My uncle had a quince tree in his garden and I have always had an overwhelming love for this fruit.’ So:
    1. have you any more recipes or suggestions you could share? I’ve already made your beef/quince stew from last Jamie magazine, and the baked quince suggestions in Mamushka. (plus have done a few years’ of quince already)
    2. would you like some quince? I know they’re inexplicably difficult to find (& ludicrously expensive) here in the UK. That’s why my family grows their own – & I would be only too happy to share (for free) with you, in way of thanks. (DM me on twitter @IDontWant1 ).

    • Hello! I am so sorry for not replying earlier, I rarely check my website, mostly just use Instagram. Or have I replied…? I remember this message!!!Sorry ive no assistant so get really overwhelmed with messages sometimes xxx

  5. Dear Olia, I just read your recipe for a lovely sounding chicken stew on the Guardian’s less than £2 a head article.
    I am very much looking forward to cooking it, just wondering where to find the ‘garlicky vinegar’ you talk about!
    Thank you very much!

    • Hello! Sorry which recipe is that??? By garlicky vinegar if its a Caucasus inspired recipe I mean literally grating some garlic into some cider or white wine vinegar! Enjoy!xx

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