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In her most personal book yet, Olia Hercules distils a lifetime of kitchen curiosity into her 100 most-loved recipes. She draws on her broad influences: her childhood in Ukraine; her years in Cyprus and Italy; and her simple, veg-centric family meals at home in London.

‘Heartfelt storytelling and truly beautiful, honest food’ Jamie Oliver
‘Original, thought-provoking, beautiful. A wonderful book’ Diana Henry
‘An excellent and ingenious cook and a brilliantly exciting writer’ And Oliver

Summer Kitchens

Recipes and Reminiscences from Every Corner of Ukraine

Olia Hercules owes some of her earliest and fondest memories to the ‘summer kitchens’ of her parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends in Ukraine. These small buildings are separate from the main house, and always positioned near a fruit plot or veg patch so families can enjoy the home-grown produce as it ripens, and preserve the surplus in preparation for winter.

The number of summer kitchens is dwindling these days, but there is still so much we can learn about making the most of the vibrant summer produce throughout the rest of the year. Summer Kitchens contains recipes such as Borsch with duck and smoked pears, Burnt aubergine butter and tomato toast, Pot roast chicken with herb crème fraîche, Nettle, sorrel and wild garlic soup and Poppyseed babka.

With beautiful photography and writing on the people and lush landscapes of Ukraine, this book will transport you to idyllic summer kitchens past and present.

Praise for Summer Kitchens

‘A complete revelation’ Nigella Lawson

Kaukasis The Cookbook

The culinary journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan & beyond

From the winner of the Observer‘s Rising Star Award and Fortnum & Mason Debut Food Book Award 2016 comes a celebration of the food and flavours of the Caucasus – bridging Europe and Asia and incorporating Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Russia and Turkey. Olia Hercules introduces us to more than 100 recipes for vibrant, earthy, unexpected dishes from across the region such as Plum fruit leather, Chestnut plov with pumpkin crust, Quince stuffed with lamb & carmalised shallots, Vine leaf dolma, Village breakfast, Khachapouri, Armenian “cognac” profiteroles and Red basil sherbet.

Praise for Kaukasis

  • “Olia Hercules is a storyteller-foodwriter, and a wholly original voice in the kitchen – there’s not a recipe of hers I don’t want to cook immediately” Nigella Lawson
  • “You might not think you would be interested in a book celebrating the food and flavours of the Caucasus…but you would be wrong. Olia Hercules is a great storyteller who will take you on a journey through the region without you ever having to leave the sofa” Sunday Time Ireland
  • “This is an incredible book – as I began to leaf through I started to smile, and I didn’t stop” Diana Henry
  • “Each recipe has a story, making this a fascinating read as well as a stunning cookbook” BBC Good Food
  • “If the cooking of the Caucasian region isn’t yet on your radar, it soon will be. (…) These gorgeous, flavour-packed recipes will give you a taste of what you’ve been missing” delicious. magazine


Recipes from Ukraine & beyond

Debut cookbook from the Observer‘s Rising Star in Food Award 2015, Mamushka is a celebration of the food and flavours of Ukraine and the “Wild East”, with over 100 recipes for fresh, flavourful and unexpected dishes from across the region. From the Moldovan giant cheese twist and Ukrainian buns with potatoes & shallots to Garlicky Georgian poussins with spicy plum chutney and Armenian pickled wet garlic; to Napoleon cake, Wasp nest buns and Apricot & sour cherry pie. To top it off, why not enjoy a digestif of Winter punch or Blackcurrant vodka?

Praise for Mamushka

  • ‘This is a game-changer of a book.’ The Sunday Times
    ‘…a joyful celebration of Eastern European cooking’ Observer
  • ‘My present to myself: not to be played with until my own writing is done!’ Nigella Lawson
  • ‘Exotic, earthy dishes, vibrant colours, big flavours. This is real cooking, written about with so much love’ Diana Henry
  • ‘From stuffed cabbage leaves to garlicky poussins, Olia Hercules’s recipes are redolent of long summers in her mother’s Ukrainian garden; rich, nourishing and enhanced by her stint as an Ottolenghi chef’ Observer Food Monthly
  • ‘…a beautiful, fascinating and sumptuous tome.’ Tom Parker Bowles
  • ‘There’s something wonderful about food writer Olia Hercules’ The Telegraph
  • ‘The hottest new voice in food’ delicious. Magazine

You will like this excellent cuisine and you will be able to choose the best medicine.